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Long lining is another great in-hand technique, where the horse is equipped with a saddle or surcingle, bridle, and a pair of long “reins” which are held by a person on the ground, who walks either walks on the side of the horse or stands in the middle of a circle, similar to when lunging a horse. 

Long lining is a versatile ground work exercise, as you can practise, the horses balance and its steering, half-halts and halts, see the direct effect your communication cues, posture and energy are having on your horse and make corrections more easily than when riding. You can also work on lateral work, easily move your horse around the arena and even use ground poles, cavalettis or small jumps.  d even small jumps. 

Most importantly, when long lining, you can give a precise release of your cues, very closely mimicking the riding release. This is critical because horses learn from the release of pressure.

These long lining reins are made from a high quality rope, that come in a pair, with a fast snap and leather popper on each rein.


  • Handmade in Sweden

  • Quality ropes with ultimate feel, weight and that is durable and tangle free

  • Fast snaps for easy attachment

  • Two long, open ended reins

  • Round lines fit perfectly through all size surcingle rings

  • Soft, comfortable feel in the hand and easy to work with

  • Come in different lengths to fit your horse

  • Sold in pairs 


              Choose Your Style: on the last page before checkout, you will find a comment box, where you can enter your preferred thickness of rope and your colour choice. 

              • Choose your colour here
              • Choose your preferred thickness of rope 9/16" (14mm)  or 1/2" (12mm) in diameter
              • Choose the right length for you and your horse
              • If you are looking for a custom length, please get in touch


              Please note that colours may vary due to lighting, computer screens and differences in dye lots. If you are unsure send me a message, I can most likely send you a sample.

              As this is a custom style, the making & delivery can take up to 14 days. Get in touch before to see if I have the colour of your choice already at hand for a quicker turn around.


              Washing Instructions:

              You can wash your reins at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Please note that the leather should be treated with leather smear after, to keep them fresh and smooth.