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Christmas Order Deadlines

Christmas is just around the corner…

...and that means that you have to be on your toes, when ordering from a small business, like this. This year I will be closing "promised to be at your house, before Christmas" early and only have a handful of custom leather & braided rope product slots left for this year.

Custom Product Slots close on Nov 1stand will not be open again until an indefinite time in 2023.

Since I always have a small range of products ready to ship to fill your stockings, you can find our last shipment dates below as usual.

Please note that I do keep the right to close even these at any time, due to family commitments this year. 
Last Shipment indicates the date, we have received from the postal service, where they guarantee (to 95% because no one is perfect) that a shipment will arrive before Christmas.




December 18th Last Shipment before Christmas



December 8th Last Shipment before Christmas



November 8th Last Shipment before Christmas