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Tack Care

You did it! You bought tack you love and that works for your horse(s) and now you are wondering how to keep it in tip top shape and make it last. I have compiled some tips for you to achieve exactly that. 


Rope Halters:

  • After use, tie the halter and hang it either on the crown strap or the fiador knot
  • The fiador knot (under the chin) is the most sensitive part of you halter, make sure to give it a good tuck now and then to keep it tight. 
  • Never leave the halter unsupervised on, in the pasture - for one your horse could injure themselves and for the other, the fiador knot could become undone. 
  • If you plan on washing your halter, I'd advise to tie a hairband below and above the fiador knot to avoid it becoming undone in the washing machine
  • Wash at 30 degrees and horse friendly detergent (if any).

Working Ropes & Braided Ropes:

Your ropes are somewhat durable! I have used all of mine for more than a year, daily and with little to no sign of wear. What do I do?

  • If your ropes are wet, hang them.
  • If your ropes are dirty, leave them at that or wash them at 30 degrees in the washing machine (horse friendly detergent, if any)
  • If your ropes have leather poppers on them, I recommend that you clean these regularly and keep them hydrated with leather butter or conditioner to keep them looking fine


Leather Tack:

Leather is skin. Just as our skin suffers abrasions and dryness from irritants like sweat and dirt, your leather tack does too. The key to keep your tack subtle, together and good looking is to practise good care!

  • After use wipe dust and sweat from your tack with a cloth and use a tad of saddle soap to seal the pores and keep it soft
  • Use once a week a leather conditioner or saddle butter to keep your leather products hydrated and fresh looking
  • Avoid excessive rubbing - skin does not like excessive rubbing. Be gentle.
  • Do not rub on painted areas. Even though they are sealed, excessive rubbing may cause the paint to come off anyhow.