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Custom Order Information

The majority of our products are made to order, which essentially means that if you choose a set of reins, headstall or apparel product, they are made or printed.
Read on below, on how I work and if you are still unsure about anything, send me a message at


Custom orders can take anything from 5-21 days, most of the time it is a lot faster though.
I order material every week on Friday. This means if you order a set of reins or halter before Friday, your order is likely to be send to you by Friday, of the following week. If an order is urgent, I am able to be flexible, but this set up overall helps to keep the cost on your end down.


Most of our leather good are made to order. Leather work is multi-faceted, with different drying & dyeing times a custom order can take between 14-21 days.


All of our apparel is printed on-demand. This means that up on ordering, your product is made for you. It’s a wonderful way to stay waste free and only produce what is needed. Printing + delivery time varies from countries, but ranges in most cases from 5-14 days. Your product is printed in the closest facility to you address, and does not have to travel overseas. Below you can find some examples on the fulfilment timeline for different products & countries.
The table indicates fulfilment & delivery time frames for certain countries in business days. If you’re country is not listed, please enquire at